Boat Dock Rules


  1. Moorage is for members only.  The annual fee will be set by the club board members on a yearly basis on March 1st.  The boating season runs from May 1st through November 15th in a given year.  Dock fees must be paid by May 1st to retain the same dock from year to year.  If not paid by May 1st, the dock will be rented to the next person on the waiting list.  The waiting list is maintained by the Dock Chairman, a designated member of the Board of Directors.  This season, it is:  Michael Greenwell   812-989-8818.   Existing boat dock members will have the option to relocate to open docks provided their previous dock meets the standards outlined in the contract.  Only CCCC Club members will be put on the waiting list.  New boat dock owners must have a boat/watercraft within one year or the dock will be assigned to the next person on the waiting list.  Existing boat dock members will have two years to sell and purchase another boat.
  2. Docks are to be maintained by dock owners.  Docks will be maintained in a safe condition, structurally sound, clear and free of obstacles, garbage and other refuse.  Docks deemed unsafe by the club liaison must be repaired in a timely manner.
  3. Dock inspections will be performed in June.  All docks must meet the required specifications and be in a safe condition.  Docks must be in safe condition before use.
  4. Lower dock ground maintenance and cleanup:  It is the responsibility of every boat dock owner to participate throughout the boating season in maintaining the grounds. Examples of ground maintainence and clean up are:
    1. Clean up logs, limbs and other debris left from flooding or storms.
    2. Road and parking lot clean up.
    3. Weekly grass cutting of grounds along roadway leading to the docks.
  5. No more than two vessels per dock
  6. Proper mooring lines and padding will be provided by the boat owners.  The CCCC Club will not be held responsible for the safety of the boats.  The boat owner must have liability insurance on their boat and should have hull insurance to cover damage to their boat.  The boat owners agree to provide the CCCC Club with a certificate of insurance with limits not less than $100,000.00 for bodily injury and property damage.  Uninsured boats will not be allowed to dock on the CCCC Club docks.
  7. Dock fees will not be refunded.  Dock space cannot be subleased or reassigned by dock renters.  The dock chairman will be responsible for any reassignments.
  8. Storage of boat trailers is acceptable, provided the roadway, parking area and common areas are not affected.  Storage of vehicles is not permitted on club property.
  9. Electricity, if desired, should be arranged through the electric company and must meet current electrical codes.
  10. Camping tents can be used for short periods of time, two to three day intervals are allowed.  Camping trailers are not allowed to be set up on club property.
  11. Dogs, cats and other pets must be controlled.  Complaints of unruly or dangerous animals will be considered a serious offense by the club and will be handled as such.
  12. Boat members and guests must conduct themselves in a harmonious manner and respect the rights of fellow members. It is the boat member’s responsibility to see that his guests act accordingly.
  13. A club board member will be appointed will be appointed to be a liaison to the boat dock chairman.  The liaison will report to the board with all concerns.
  14. The CCCC Club attorney reserves the right to cancel this contract.  The boat owners agree to leave the boat dock area within 30-days of written notification if the docks become unavailable for any reason, or if the boat owner’s actions or those of his guests become objectionable or detrimental to the operation of the dock.
  15. All permanent fixtures installed at the lower boat docks will become club property.
  16. All lower dock members are always welcome to the regular CCCC Club meetings as well as the board of directors meetings.
  17. Parking in front of the docks is limited to one car per dock.  You may park in front of your slip only.  There is always room in the parking lot.

Please remember that if your dock is unsafe, it affects the slip next to you.


Printable copy of Boat Dock Rental Contract