Range Master:  Marcus Edwards 502-727-8001

Range Hours:
Monday–Sunday: 9am until 30 min. prior to Dusk

Rules of Shooting Range and Club Grounds

  1. Members and their immediate family (wife, son, daughter & grandchildren) only will be permitted to use the range (hill).  They must be 12 years of age and accompanied by the Club member.
  2. MANDATORY:  All members entering gun range must sign in and out at mail box located at the gate.  A member may bring a guest to the range (hill) one time only, but they cannot shoot on the range.  Guest must also be signed in and out.
  3. All members must have proof of membership while on the shooting range (hill) and Club property.
  4. No fully automatic weapons permitted on range(hill) or Club property.  No rapid fire of any weapon is allowed on range (hill) or Club property.  No one is permitted on gun range or hill after dark.
  5. No alcohol is permitted in range area (hill).  Members are restricted from range after alcohol consumption.
  6. No hunting of any type allowed on any part of Club property.
  7. Shooting is permitted in range (hill) area only.  Targets must be placed in racks on target boards.  Shooting of cans, bottles or any other objects on target rails or ground is not permitted.
  8. Pistols are allowed only on the 15 yard range.
  9. Safety glasses and hearing protection are required at all times.
  10. No off road or 4-wheelers allowed on club property unless approved by Board of Directors.
  11. When work is being done on range (hill), no shooting is allowed.
  12. Archery is permitted left of the cabin marked for archery range only.
  13. Please keep range (hill) clean, pick up after you are finished, including brass casings.
  14. Anyone caught breaking the rules will be brought before the Board of Directors.  This could result in expulsion from the club.
  15. Gun range hours are 9 a.m. to 1/2 hour before dark.
  16. When you are on the hill, leave the gate unlocked.
  17. A hold harmless agreement must be signed and submitted to the club annually.

Each member is required to attend an annual gun range meeting and sign a statement saying they have received, read, understand and agree to the range rules and regulations and will not hold the CCCC Club responsible in any way for any injuries while on club property in order to receive their key.